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Project Horse Empowerment Center Programs

Wellness Programs for All Ages

Project Horse offers a variety of fun wellness and experiential learning programs for children, teens and adults. We never want to turn anyone away because of financial limitations. Project Horse raises funds in order to offer a sliding scale and financial assistance to participants, whenever possible.

Contact us if you would like to register and pay by check.

Project Horse offers custom-tailored workshops for any group. Contact us for details and to discuss the needs, goals and size of your group.

Therapy & Mental Health Services

Equine assisted psychotherapy has been in practice for the past 25 years and has been shown to benefit people dealing with a variety of conditions, ranging from anxiety, depression and trauma, to learning healthy socio-emotional development for children and adolescents.

Project Horse provides custom equine assisted therapy services to individuals, families, couples and groups. We offer both adjunct and primary care treatment options.

Unhealthy patterns and behaviors can be quickly discovered in the paddock, with help from one or more therapy horses, a licensed therapist and a certified equine specialist. Our therapy horses can offer intuitive insights and a keen understanding of the range of human emotions. The horses also immediately detect incongruencies in people, such as when a teenage client states that they “feel fine” yet on the inside, they are feeling hurt, isolated and in despair. Unlike traditional office or “talk” therapy, incredible progress can be quickly made in equine assisted therapy, where we do not need to rely upon the amount of information or insight offered or articulated by clients. This makes our approach extremely helpful and effective for a wide variety of individuals, such as:

  • children with poor verbal skills,

  • adolescents who are defiant, oppositional and unwilling to cooperate, and

  • adult Veterans who cannot tolerate re-living past traumatic events.

New skills, behaviors and thought patterns can all be put into practice in our safe, private, and nurturing environment. The horses provide thought-provoking, instant feedback and are always “in the moment”.

No prior horse experience is necessary and our sessions do not include any riding. All activities and interactions occur “on the ground”, where the benefit of the horse as a therapist-partner is the most powerful.

Therapy services may be eligible for full or partial reimbursement. Learn more on our FAQ page.

Warrior Herd Veterans Services

For Individual and group services, Project Horse is currently at capacity. We hope to have openings again in late Fall 2021. If you are interested in equine-assisted therapy services, please contact us.

Services are always provided at no charge to Veterans or Service Members!