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Project Horse Center Equine-assisted mental health services

Project Horse provides custom-tailored, Non-Riding equine-assisted mental health services and Non-Riding equine-assisted learning experiences to individuals, ages 8 and up.

Through a unique and engaging non-riding approach, where horses and clients work together as partners, we have supported the emotional needs of thousands of children, teens, adults, groups and families since 2008.

Project Horse’s highly experienced team of two and four-legged professionals specializes in anxiety, depression, trauma healing and recovery, helping survivors of all ages to move forward with hope.

Different from office or talk therapy, progress can be quickly made because of how intuitive and sensitive horses are. They offer constant feedback about everything and everyone around them, which reduces the needs for clients to describe past experiences or to talk about their challenges. This is especially helpful for teens struggling with anxiety, children lacking a strong vocabulary, Veterans, and other trauma survivors. As a trauma-informed therapy provider, Project Horse is a local leader in trauma healing and recovery.

Right now, one of the members of our wonderful herd of rehabilitated rescue horses is waiting – to help you or a family member – live a more fulfilling, safer, and happier life. No prior horse experience is necessary.

Wellness Project Horse


Our mission is to improve the mental health and wellness of individuals by connecting them in unique partnerships with therapy horses.

Although we are NOT an equine rescue facility, much of our herd is made up of horses who have been rescued from various situations — neglect, starvation, abandonment, or even physical abuse. At Project Horse, we connect individuals in need of hope and healing with our rehabilitated rescue horses, creating a unique community of mutual healing and benefit.

Project Horse is dedicated to improving the quality of life for both horses and humans.


Project Horse is committed to meeting the needs of all who are interested and willing to explore Non-Riding Equine Assisted Therapy or Learning as a path to wellness.  Although this modality may not be appropriate for everyone or every situation, we will make every effort to facilitate reasonable accommodations as necessary to make our services as equitable and accessible as possible.  Please speak to a member of our staff about your specific needs. 


Our non-riding approach puts clients and horses on equal footing where horse and human work as partners in healing. Safety is a top priority, so our clients can comfortably explore new thoughts and ideas while recognizing patterns and reactions that may no longer be productive. Through developing connections with our horses, and guided by our experienced facilitating team, clients take away lessons they can apply to “life outside the paddock’.

Our Core Principles

  • Treat each client, and each horse, as a unique individual with specific needs

  • Offer a safe peaceful space where growth and healing may occur

  • Provide opportunities for clients to experience true partnership with our horses

  • Create a community of mutual healing, benefit, respect and compassion

Why horses?

The calming presence of horses, coupled with their keen ability to sense and respond to human emotion and intention, provides an ideal environment for self-discovery, healing and personal growth.

Project Horse is dedicated to improving the quality of life for humans, and for horses, creating a unique community of mutual healing and benefit.


Millions of Americans, both children and adults, struggle with life challenges. Project Horse helps those with anxiety, depression, trauma, social skills deficits, behavioral issues, substance abuse, and lack of self confidence. 

Project Horse can help if …

  • traditional therapy hasn’t worked and you want to try something new

  • you want to become more self aware and more at peace

  • you are struggling with depression and/or anxiety

  • a traumatic experience has left you questioning how to cope

  • you want your child to build self-esteem, have fun and get outdoors

  • your child has trouble relating to others and is acting out

  • your child struggles with a learning disability or behavioral challenge

  • your family has been torn apart by explosive and destructive behaviors


We are honored and thrilled to announce we have received The Guardian Seal of Transparency from The EQUUS Foundation!   Project Horse has held this designation for several years, and the commitment to transparency and accountability continues with Project Horse under the Arc of Loudoun umbrella.

The EQUUS Foundation is the only national charity 100% dedicated to protecting America’s at-risk horses and sharing the magic and power of horses with as many people as possible, raising public awareness of the value of horses in our lives. 

While the Guardian designation is not an ‘endorsement’, the designation demonstrates our willingness to be fully transparent and make our policies and horse care practices available for public scrutiny.  

To view our Guardian profile and to learn more about this recognition and the EQUUS Foundation, please visit