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Open Door Learning Center (ODLC) Preschool

The Open Door Learning Center Preschool (ODLC), located in Leesburg, VA, is a hands-on learning experience for children ages 2-7. At ODLC, we understand that a child’s preschool years are foundational in fostering confidence, acceptance of others, and a love of learning. Our staff focuses on building social skills, teaching developmentally appropriate academics, and getting preschool students and their parents ready for Kindergarten.

ODLC’s founders aimed to provide an affordable preschool in an inclusive setting, providing best practice for typically developing children as well as those with autism and related disabilities. Each student receives a screening prior to enrollment, with updated quarterly assessments and Evidence Portfolios.

Our goal is for each student to master all developmental milestones and/or mastery of our Starfall Standards prior to preschool graduation and entering Kindergarten. Mastering the learning blocks skills, will ensure that our students have what’s necessary to thrive in a Kindergarten environment. Our program offers students the unique opportunity to learn behavioral, social, and pre-academic skills in a natural environment (play-based) setting through the use of Applied Behavior Analysis techniques.

At Open Door Learning Center, we individualize each child’s educational experience so that EVERY child can succeed!

“Open Door Learning Center creates a safe and supportive space for our children to grow and learn with their unique styles. The staff know how to work with our children’s specific needs, strengths, and challenges. The curriculum really works, and I could not be more appreciative of ODLC!” – Parent of ODLC student

We currently have the following spots open for new students!

  • Full Day: 8:30am – 3:00pm, Monday through Friday, for ages 2-7 years old
  • We also have M/W/F and T/TH schedules available, contact us for more details.

Ready to schedule a tour or find out more? Contact us:


Phone: 703.777.6010

Fax: 703.777.1935