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All-day Preschool


Using a curriculum that was developed specifically for ODLC, rising Kindergarteners enrolled in our All-Day Program participate in an afternoon social skills program that focuses on key skillsets (through “speaker” and “listener” play activities) that are needed for children to develop the ability to begin and sustain interaction with their friends.


Each child’s learning experiences are individualized to meet his or her academic and social needs. By challenging students to achieve personal excellence they learn to become contributing members of the classroom. Your child will flourish in our preschool and kindergarten programs. Open Door offers your child a safe and exciting environment for exploring their world. We believe the natural curiosity of children should be nurtured from an early age. Each child will engage in imaginative play, creativity, and experiential experiences, while learning to master our standards-based curricula. Our teachers provide children with challenges and opportunities to learn by carefully selecting materials and equipment that reflect the developmental needs of the children, encourage their current interests, and spark new ones. See our schedules above to learn more about what your children are doing each day. Your child will thrive in our Learning Centers designed to inspire children to explore, ask questions, predict and integrate their learning.


Our teachers follow a clear and developmentally-appropriate curriculum interpreting:

  • Early Literacy (phonics, concepts of print, comprehension and writing)
  • Math Skills and Concepts
  • Social Studies
  • Science
  • Social-emotional Development
  • Creative Arts
  • Physical Movement
  • Health
  • Technology
  • …and more!


ODLC and the Paxton Campus have a variety of fun and informative events for the whole family.  Here’s a sample of some of what we do year round:

  • ODLC Family End-of-Year BBQ
  • Holiday Sip & Shop
  • Parent’s Night Out
  • Bingo & Game Nights
  • Music at the Manor Festival
  • Fundraisers (“Pump it Up,” “Shocktober”, etc.)
  • …and more!

Contact us:


Phone: 703.777.6010

Fax: 703.777.1935

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