Full Day Preschool Leesburg VA

Open Door is a creative learning campus and full day preschool in Leesburg for children ages 2-7 years. We believe that children learn by exploring and we specialize in creating a hands-on learning experience for all of our students.  Our teachers are able to develop a child’s skills in their natural environment and further develop and enhance these skills with classroom instruction.

Our program includes:

Our preschool program and full day preschool in Leesburg prepares children for kindergarten in many ways. Our teachers individually assess each student in the following areas:

  • Verbal Behavior/Communication
  • Thinking and Problem Solving Skills
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Activities of Daily Living/Self-Management
  • Pre-Reading and Basic Math Concepts
  • Handwriting
  • Social Skills
  • Fine and Gross Motor Development

Our teachers create weekly lesson plans structured around thematic activities ranging from:

  • Community Helpers
  • Staying Healthy
  • Holidays
  • Animals
  • Family
  • Seasons
  • Weather

We can help potty-train your child! Being potty-trained is NOT required.

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