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The Aurora School’s Transition Services will offer new information and resources that families can use to navigate their way through Pre-Transition and Transition Services. Between the ages of 12-13 years old, students will begin to learn new skills that will help them in areas of vocational, daily living, and employment; these skills will be assessed and determined by the IEP team. After determining preliminary vocational and employment preferences, Aurora’s Transition Specialist will work to enhance these job skills, make alternations, and provide lesson planning to work with your child’s needs and preferences. Once students reach age 14, the team will begin to focus more in-depth on vocational and employment skills for post-secondary opportunities. Through extensive person-centered assessments and collaboration, students can experience a work-based learning environment. Work-based learning environments enable students to gain experience in preferred job placements; this will allow students to encounter job responsibilities, managers, co-workers, and customers in a natural setting.

Aurora is working hard to expand its resources for transition students. By working side by side with community members to create a positive work environment for our students, we believe our mission will help students gain and maintain employment in post-secondary environments. Creating a synonymous and inclusive relationship between students and their potential employers can help our population of students gain knowledge and experience. Because we believe working with community members can help secure job opportunities for our students, we will be working directly with these business owners to enhance employment for our students. Cultivating a productive and sustainable relationship for our students is our number one priority.

As students age, programming will incorporate transitional services and experiences that will help enhance post-secondary opportunities. While we expand our resources and opportunities for our Aurora students, we would like to encourage communication and transparency with Aurora families as well. A teamwork approach using fluent communication between families and Aurora team members is the best path for creating a congruent environment for our students. Communication with the Transition Specialist and IEP team to appropriately capture the picture parents want for their children’s futures. As a team, we strive to provide services that go above and beyond for students and their families.

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