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Training and Professional Development

The Aurora School is a place where the staff and students come to learn. We are dedicated to providing top notch staff training in the most relevant, evidence-based practices in our field.  All of our employees enjoy the benefits of our in-house staff training and development opportunities.  We are an ACE provider through the BACB.  Each employee works on a team of highly trained individuals (Board Certified Behavior Analysts, Licensed Teachers, SLPs and OTs).  At Aurora we also look to other professionals in the field to provide training and feedback. At least once a year we have invited speakers to share the latest research and opportunities with our team and local community.

At Aurora we are always striving to learn more.  Our research program continues to grow every year.  We have been represented in several local, national and international conferences.

To schedule a tour at Aurora, call 540-751-1414

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