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Aurora school is licensed to operate in the state of Virginia. We specialize in a using multi-disciplinary approach to support our students’ success. Each Aurora student has an individualized program with access to community-based instruction, building up their functional and independence across different areas. These areas include, but are not limited to, reading, math, social skills, self-management, self-regulation, and independent living skills.  

Our Philosophy 

We believe that education works best when valid research findings from the fields of education and psychology, behavior analysis in particular, are constantly applied in the classroom. Aurora is a place where students and staff come to learn. We provide an integrated, progressive and innovative learning environment for children of all ages and intellectual disabilities.  

Teaching practices at the school are derived primarily from applied behavior analysis (ABA): Positive reinforcement, continuous measurement of learning, and strategic/tactical data analysis based on graphic displays are cornerstones of the program. Verbal behavior, math, reading, social skills, self-management and problem-solving skills are all systematically taught via well researched curricula, as well as curricula developed in-house by our teachers and behavior analysts. Teachers engage in professional development continuously throughout each year.  

Our History 

Aurora was originally founded by parents in cooperation with Paxton Campus.  The founders endeavored to create a school that was a viable option for students who were unable to reach their potential in the public-school system or in a traditional classroom setting.   

Our Campus 

Aurora School is located in the downtown Leesburg community in Loudoun County, Virginia.  We are located on the Paxton campus which consists of 17 acres of protected land for our students to enjoy.  Aurora School consists of two buildings for instruction. We have two playgrounds for students, walking and fitness trails, a student garden as well as open space for many physical activities! The Miller building (consisting of our younger students through age 15) and the Davis cottage (consisting of students ages 16-22). Our close proximity to downtown Leesburg allows for opportunities for CBI (community-based instruction) which is embedded in each of our student’s programs.  This opportunity for CBI’s allows for our students to generalize their skills as well as interact with community members. 

Partnership with the Community 

Aurora School endeavors to expand our students’ access to different experiences across different areas. This includes additional trips to the community and introducing new programs to our students. Starting in the Spring 2020, Aurora School partnered with the Children Science Center to introduce STEM activities to our students. Despite the restrictions posed by COVID-19 pandemic, our students participate in virtual sessions, and learned how to make bird feeders, create a volcano, observe the reaction of PH streps to materials, and much more! This year, the students are going to the Children Science Center located in Fairfax and having hands-on experiences.