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Aurora School is growing and looking for new students to join our classrooms. Aurora School accepts applications year-round for students ages 5-22.

We currently serve students from the following counties: Loudoun County Public Schools, Fairfax County Public Schools, Jefferson County Public Schools, Prince William County Public School, Arlington County Public Schools, Shenandoah County Public Schools, Alexandria Public Schools, Falls Church and District of Columbia. However, The Aurora School additionally accepts applications from families who opt to elect private pay instead of going through their student’s home district.


Admissions Process:

  1. Student files will be reviewed on average within 1-8 weeks of being submitted to Aurora School.
    • During that time, as a school, we review the files to determine if this student’s needs can be met.
    • Specifically, we review the student and weigh the risks of the students not having access to typical peers, or there are services that we are unable to provide, or provide sufficient support to the student’s success
    • Please note-We review files in the order we receive them.
  2. If as a school team, we determine that the student could potentially be an Aurora School student, we will reach out via email to schedule a virtual or in-person observation.
    • During the observation, we prefer to see the student working on IEP goals, and interview teachers, parents and/or caregivers who work with the student.
    • As a school team, we want to learn additional information that may not be in the student’s packet, and/or better understand information we have read in the students file.
    • Observations are typically scheduled anywhere from a week to a month out depending on the order we receive applications.
  3. Upon conducting an observation, the following may occur:
    • In-Person Tour of The Aurora School
      • Parents- Will receive a tour of the facility and the student as able. There are three buildings on campus- Miller, and Davis Cottage. The family will be told where the tour will be held.
      • Students- Will get an opportunity to work with Educational Leads, and Program Directors. Educational Leads are Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA). During this time the student will also get to explore and play at our school!
        • If a student does use a communication device, please bring it! This will help ensure your student can get the most out of the experience.
        • Please bring preferred items with you, in order to support the student’s associating the school with a positive experience.
  4. Upon the completion of an In-Person Tour, the school team will discuss their notes regarding the student, and whether we as a school are a good fit. Then either an email will be sent either offering placement, declining placement, or having the student be on our waitlist within 1-4 weeks.
    • Waitlist Students- Aurora will retain files of students who are considered appropriate for placement. The school will give consideration to waitlisted students as appropriate program openings occur. However, Aurora does not guarantee priority acceptance of students from the waitlist.
  5. The entire process can take anywhere from 1 month to 4 months depending on how many classroom openings we have.