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Wellness in the Workplace

At Paxton Campus we want to promote positivity and healthy lifestyles among our students and staff.  We want to support healthy behavior and improve health outcomes while at work.

On our beautiful 17-acre campus we have created a 0.5 mile of fitness trails with workout stations to be used by the students, staff and community members.

Wellness Activities

In 2014, we created a Wellness Initiative with monthly activities for our staff, designed to introduce various fitness and relaxation techniques and healthy lifestyle choices.

Some of the past programs have been:

  • Yoga,
  • Bootcamp,
  • Tae Kwon Do, and
  • Massages.

We currently have a weekly fitness class on the 3rd floor of Paxton Manor, with Fitness Guru, Paula Porr. Check out her other classes at her website.

Positive Work Environment

We have an amazing group of volunteers and for the last two years around the holidays, some of our Board Members and other volunteers have made hundreds of cookies for all the 80+ staff on Paxton Campus to take home to enjoy!

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