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Ability Fitness Center

At Ability Fitness Center we focus on “lifelong progress,” meaning we are constantly working with our members to stay healthy and improve general abilities, but most importantly, we want to improve overall quality of life. We understand that people with neurologic and developmental conditions often require extra time for progress, specialized equipment, hands-on assistance, and/or expertise to successfully continue their progress and build on what they learned in physical therapy.

Unlike a regular gym, the Ability Fitness Center allows individuals with disabilities to continue ongoing exercise and conditioning to maintain and improve functional movement and abilities. We aren’t a short-term solution like most rehabilitation centers.

The past 20 years has seen a large decrease in the length of hospital stays, acute rehabilitation, and even outpatient visits for neurological injuries. While at the same time, researchers have discovered the damaged nervous system has a much greater potential to recover function than previously believed. Ability Fitness Center provides the expertise, equipment, and time necessary for better outcomes.

We know our clients have the ability to improve and the team at Ability Fitness Center is here to help.

So find out more about what we do or find out how to apply.

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