Our goal is to use evidence based practices to increase social skills in children with disabilities. We will focus on building communication with peers, understanding emotions, and self-advocacy.


ABC Social Skills Group FAQ

How do I get started?

Welcome! We are excited for your interest in ABC Social Skills group. The first step is to fill out our inquiry form. You can also call the clinic at (703) 857-2157 for more information. After you submit an inquiry form one of our BCBAs will contact you to set up an initial intake. The initial intake includes a caregiver interview and an assessment that will give us a better idea about your child’s social skills. The initial intake costs $150.

How long does ABC Social Skills group run?

We hold an 8-week social skills group twice a year, in the fall and in the spring. Our group meets once a week for 1-hour, level 1 meets on Tuesday evenings and level 2 meets on Thursday evenings.

How much does the group cost?

Option 1: Pay per session
       Price: $75 per session
       Payment is due prior to each session

Option 2: Pay full 8-weeks
       Price: $500 for full 8-weeks
        Payment is due prior first group session

Does ABC Social Skills group take insurance?

For social skills specifically, Aurora Behavior Clinic is in network with the following insurances: Cigna, Carefirst, Aetna, Magellan, Blue Cross Blue Shield & Optum. We will work with you and you insurance to navigate your eligibility and benefits. Unfortunately, Medicaid does not cover social skills group therapy. If you are interested in choosing insurance as the funding source, please email Janelle Mcdonald at jmcdonald@thearcofloudoun.orgcreate new email

What do the levels mean? How do you place children in a level?

We currently have 2 groups; Level 1 (younger/severe social skills deficits) and Level 2 (older/ moderate social skills deficits). We place children based on their age and assessment scores. This process will be outlined in detail during the initial intake.

How many children are in each group?

Class sizes can range from 8-15 individuals

What is level of caregiver involvement?

We believe caregiver involvement is essential! You will not be part of the actual class but we still want you involved in our process. During the initial intake we will create caregiver goals, with the hope to increase generalization of the skills we teach. You will also get a weekly handout of the skills taught and how to incorporate them outside of the group.

What is the structure of the group?

ABC Social Group focuses on a mixture of group learning and 1:1 instruction. The group will follow the following schedule


Level 1 Weekly Topic

Level 2 Weekly Topic


All About Me/Setting Group Expectations

All About Me/Setting Group Expectations


Feelings/Zones of Regulation

Self-Control/ Emotion regulation



Expected vs. Unexpected Behaviors


Conversation Skills

Conversation Skills


Whole body listening

Non-verbal cues


Sharing and turn taking

Perspective Taking


Being a good friend



Putting it all together

Putting it all together

*topics subject to change to fit the needs of the group/individuals

What is the cancellation policy?

We do not offer a refund if you decide to pay for the full 8 weeks. We request a 24-hour notice if you are paying per session.

If you have any additional questions you can contact Alexandra Bragg at abragg@thearcofloudoun.orgcreate new email


Contact us:

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