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Founded in 2003 by parents in cooperation with The Arc of Loudoun, Aurora School (Aurora) is a caring, educational community that offers quality education for individuals with special needs. We are a private day school that uses the principles of applied behavior analysis to provide an individualized education for students ages 5 to 22 with intellectual and developmental disabilities, primarily autism. Our program challenges our students to achieve personal excellence and independence.

At Aurora, we believe that education is most effective when its application is based on valid research findings from the fields of education and behavior analysis. With this guiding us, our school provides a collaborative, progressive, and innovative learning environment for children of all ages and developmental disabilities.

The cornerstones of our program are positive reinforcement, continuous measurement of learning, and graphic-displayed data analysis. Verbal behavior, social skills, self-management, problem-solving skills, math, and reading are all systematically taught via evidence-based curricula, as well as curricula developed in-house by our teachers and behavior analysts. Teaching practices at Aurora School are derived primarily from the principles and concepts of applied behavior analysis (ABA). 

Aurora is a stimulating learning environment for both its students and staff.

Way to go, Kayla!

Kayla’s been attending Aurora School for the past three years. Before Aurora, she did not look forward to coming to school. Now, Kayla is excited to learn every day and has become more engaged, active, and happy! Kayla’s mom explains, “Aurora has made a big difference in Kayla’s and our family’s life.” Watch the video below to learn more about how Kayla’s life has changed since attending Aurora.
We have a License to operate, from the Virginia Board of Education. There is so much more to find out about our school and our programs. We also provide resources to support our parents.